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Stainless Steel Ultra Fine Wire
  • Product name:Stainless Steel Ultra Fine Wire
  • Taxonomy:Stainless Steel Ultra Fine Wire


Order Hotline:0523-88630998

Order processing

[Unit price] According to market conditions, agents, wholesalers, customers can be.
[Minimum order quantity] There is no minimum order quantity requirement in the spot part, and the minimum order quantity of custom goods is 10kg-50kg.
[Delivery cycle] Spot part, same day delivery; small batch order, 1-2 days delivery. Large quantities, depending on the specific situation.
1. Professional customer service reception customers can make the most suitable stainless steel wire according to the customer's requirements and the type of product required.
2. If stock is available, samples can be delivered to the customer on the same day.
3, packaging: round wire - fiber packaging, shaft - carton packaging or tray packaging, wire rope - wooden wheel packaging, can be adjusted according to requirements.
4, proofing time: custom sample production takes 1-2 days.
5, production time: small batch products, customer confirmation orders, 7-10 days delivery; large orders can be shipped in bulk, orders need to be confirmed through negotiation.
6, ordering method: small batch products in full payment; large orders prepaid 30% deposit, product production is completed, the balance is paid before delivery; non-standard orders prepaid 50% deposit, after production is completed, the balance is paid before shipment.
7. After-sales service: The stainless steel wire sold by our factory has quality problems. If the surface of the stainless steel wire is not worn, scratched or soiled, the customer can replace or return the product within 7 days of receiving the product. Processing into finished products cannot be returned.
8, due to fluctuations in the price of stainless steel wire, the general product offer is valid for 7 days, specifically negotiable.
9. The company is a general taxpayer and can open a 16% VAT.


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    Product name: Stainless Steel Ultra Fine Wire

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